Book of Fire (Nodin Press)

Book of Fire…appeared during the same week lightning struck a pine in the Boundary Waters starting the Pagami Creek fire, the largest wildfire in Minnesota since 1918. The book’s cover seems to depict a cluster of birches burning; look again, though and the vivid magentas and oranges and golds could just as easily be innocent fall colors, not flames at all. The painting–and the poems within—are open-eyed and fearless, as though they’ve come to challenge the conflagration, or perish in it.”

–Connie Wanek, On Speaking Terms

When I Looked Back You Were Gone (Holy Cow! Press)

“Love and its attendant visionary things win out over fear and pain in nearly every poem in this book. As a poet I can only envy the achievement of this work, but as a reader I can experience it while reporting the wonder of it to you.”

— Norman Dubie, The Volcano

The Salamander Migration (University of Pittsburgh Press)

“There are so many books of poetry being published now, and so few poems are remembered. But the depth and clarity of Cary Waterman’s work make almost every poem in the collection linger.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

First Thaw (Minnesota Writers Publishing House)

“I like her ability to see detail and inner longing at once…as an artist she insists that she will not let a descriptive line stand unless an inner concern of her own has broken through in it…I am delighted by the stubbornness of her vision.”

–Robert Bly, Stealing Sugar From the Castle